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S2V automatic - Vertical sandblasting

S2V automatic - Vertical sandblasting
- The structure of the cabin is realized in steel plate with a strong thickness and with electric-weld structural shape for support, carefully double hand-painted in GREY RALL 7032 and JELLOW RALL 1028.
- Ample counter for inspection, situated on the forehead side of the cabin; this counter is necessary to forward the necessary maintenance operation of the pistols; this counter is provided with a visualizer window and over sleeve in protect in order to have the possibility to sand-blast in manual mode; this window is duly closed with soft anti-abrasive rubber.
- Internal back wall of the box, protect against the abrasive actions by covering anti-abrasive rubber.
- Lateral opening of 85 mm each on the right, on the left and on the top of the cabin, used for the passage of the glass plates.
- Reading glass sensor positioned on the internal rack for the automatic start and stop of sandblast cycle.
- The glass plate that has to undergo the treatment, will be positioned on a motored transporting belt which is lodged in a (polizene) guide, opportunely protect in sandblasting zone.
- To avoid the abrasive discharge, the belt, before coming out, is blown automatically.
- The rack for the exit of the glass plates is equipped by a micro limit switch devise that prevent from turnover and fall with the possibility of exclusion..
- The sandblasting machine is equipped with n° 2 (two) automatic spray guns and n° 1 (one) manual spray guns with trigger, which aerodynamic shape, studied and realized by ALFEMA, permits to have an height capacity of air-abrasive mixture and consequently a wide spraying surface that ensure an excellent sand-blasting rapidity.
- The handling of the spray guns happened by robot, placed on the outside frontal part of the box, at numerical control, adjustable in height, and advance speed of up and down.
- Number 2 external racks, one on the right and one on the left, with relative support for the charge and discharge of the glass plates.
- Number 1 internal rack placed on the machine. Automatic air dust collector for the dejection of the dust cloud of sandblast picked up by n° 1 filtering cartridge, also it is equipped with of dust harvest container for the recycle of the abrasive.

Technical information


Mod. S/2V 1250

Mod. S/2V 1400

Mod. S/2V 1800

Dimension of cabine
mm 1000x800x h 2100
mm 1000x800x h 2250
mm 1000x900x h 2650
Machine weight
Kg 450
Kg 500
Kg 600
Esternal rack - Dimension
mm 1500x500x h 1850 (above the ground)
mm 1500x500x h 1950 (above the ground)
mm 2000x500x h 2150 (above the ground)
Esternal rack - Weight
Kg 70 cad.
Kg 70 cad.
Kg 80 cad.
Maximum sandblast height
mm 1250
mm 1400
mm 1800
Heigth of charge
mm 650
mm 650
mm 650
Air dust collector
DCL 1/5/900
DCL 1/5/900
DCL 1/5/900

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